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The whole-person recovery app that gets you better from home

Treat pain with a custom digital recovery program.

How does PeerWell work?


Complete a daily program

Receive daily activities on your phone and tablet that reduce pain. Based on nutrition, pain & wellness, physical therapy, and more.

Recover faster and stay better

Measure your range of motion—and track your recovery progress—as accurately as an in-person clinician.

Get real results. Our patients agree that:

PeerWell helped with recovery after surgery

PeerWell helped with pain and reduced the need for medication

They would recommend PeerWell before surgery

PeerWell treats the whole you

Regardless of what type of pain you have, and whether or not you need surgery, PeerWell can help. We treat many types of pain, including: back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, and ankle. Check out a few articles about our programs:

Shoulder Pain

PeerWell’s Shoulder Pain Conservative Care Program is an at-home digital program from your own smartphone or device. Shoulder pain and movement improves faster when treated holistically. Learn more about the program:

Recover from stress & pain with a custom home program

Knee Pain

Pain-free movement is a luxury that we don’t notice until it’s gone. That’s why chronic knee pain, or even temporary stiffness, can make people view their mobility in a new light. Learn more about how to treat chronic knee pain from home:

Physical Therapy from Home for Knee Pain

Back Pain

PeerWell Patients reduced their pain and returned to normal activities faster than those who received traditional care and in-person physical therapy. Learn more about how to cut down your lower pain and improve disability from home:

PeerWell Patients Reduce Back Pain by 35%

Recover fully with our 5 Pillars of Health

Physical Therapy

We avoid using body parts that are in pain. This reduces strength and mobility which makes pain worse. PeerWell’s custom physical therapy rebuilds your strength.


What you eat actually affects your pain and inflammation. With PeerWell, you’ll receive daily “eat this, not that” tips with great recipes to manage your pain and condition.

Pain and Wellness

When you’re stressed, anxious, or depressed  pain and inflammation gets worse. Learn medication-free pain management techniques to employ in your daily life.

Life Management

When pain leads to decreased mobility, your ability to enjoy normal activities is reduced. Learn life hacks that to complete everyday tasks while minimizing pain.

Health Literacy

Don’t let concerns about your pain lead to anxiety. Each day, you’ll learn about your condition and pain type, and get tips & tricks to jumpstart healing and stay better.

What patients are saying

“I avoided surgery thanks to your exercises and all day tasks that reduced my pain immediately.”- Jose O.

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