Our mission is to eliminate the burden of pain and mobility.

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Our Story

PeerWell’s story begins in late 2014. Co-founders Manish Shah (co-founder LiveRamp), Navin Gupta (P&G), and Evan Minamoto (early member at Palantir) had successfully left roles at multi-billion dollar companies. PeerWell was born out of a collective desire to close the gap in how care is delivered to people affected by chronic health issues. Today, our team has grown and our vision has evolved. However, our steadfast mission to offer people accessible and connected, high-quality musculoskeletal care remains the same.

PeerWell Today

Using devices the patient, injured worker, or member already own, PeerWell treats the root cause of musculoskeletal pain and immobility. Our whole person solution delivers coordinated care via evidence-based, daily digital content and multi-speciality providers. People that use PeerWell have reduced pain, greater satisfaction, a lower risk recovery, fewer complications, and return-to-work times.

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PeerWell Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate the burden on people struggling with pain and mobility. At $190 billion per year, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for 10% of all healthcare spending in the US—more than all cancers combined. For employers, MSD’s are responsible for 16% of total healthcare budgets. We recognize that our goal is audacious, but so is the scope of musculoskeletal pain and immobility. Providing more accessible care it’s critical for the health of our communities. 

Do you revel in the idea of building something BIG? Want to reshape the foundations of healthcare? We are looking for passionate people.

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