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Knee Replacement Scar Recovery Timeline: A Photo Gallery

During a knee replacement, an incision is inevitable. As the incision heals, a scar will form. The size, colour, texture and overall healing of knee scars can vary drastically from person to person. Several factors determine scarring including your genetics, sun...

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Can CBD /Marijuana Help with Musculoskeletal Pain?

With marijuana widely legalized across the US, and completely legalized in Canada, may people are considering using cannabis (for a variety of reasons) for the first time. With the prohibition coming to an end, people who didn't have access, or were fearful of...

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Constipation After Surgery: Why it’s Common & How to Treat it

This post was co-authored by Grace McClure and Dr. Nicholas Frisch), M.D., OS, MBA. Constipation after surgery is no laughing matter. Although “toilet talk” may not everyone’s favorite dinner table topic, it is a frequently asked question between patients and surgeons...

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Driving After Joint Replacement Surgery: When is it Safe?

For many adults, driving a vehicle and feeling independent go hand-in-hand. After joint replacement surgery, driving represents freedom, progress, and a return to your new normal. In short, getting back into the driver's seat is a major and meaningful milestone. So,...

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Scared of Surgery Anesthesia? Here’s What You Should Know

A surprising number of people are afraid of anesthesia. The idea of "going under" or being "put to sleep" can stir some anxiety in most of us. However, is this fear completely irrational? Or is there really something to worry about? Two common fears that patients cite...

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Scar Tissue Massage After Back Surgery

Scar tissue massage after back surgery can be very beneficial to patients. Whether you've had a laminectomy, discectomy (microdiscectomy), spinal fusion, vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty, scar tissue is an evitable part of recovery. In fact, scar tissue after back...

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5 Ways to Recover Faster After Joint Replacement Surgery

If you have a hip or knee replacement on the books, there's no doubt you've spent a lot of time thinking about recovery. What will recovery be like? How painful will recovery be? How will I know if my recovery is (or isn't) normal? How long will I be down for the...

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