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A straightforward, complete solution to shoulder pain.

 We’re excited to announce the newest program in our treatment library, Shoulder Pain Conservative CareThis 10-week, all-in-one program offers holistic, whole-person treatment from the patient’s device. All program content, progress tracking, and built-in SMART Motion tools are embedded in the app. This means patients never require special devices, wearables or add-on hardware. 

Our New Shoulder Pain Conservative Care program is also supported by our full-stack, virtual healthcare practice, PeerWell Health. In addition to our interdisciplinary at-home program, PeerWell Health patients are offered multi-speciality clinician visits, weekly physical therapy sessions, and a dedicated care coordinator.

It’s an unparalleled, comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment for patients.

What is PeerWell’s Shoulder Pain Conservative Care Program?

PeerWell’s Shoulder Pain Conservative Care Program is an at-home digital program from the patient’s smartphone or device. By spending just 10-15 minutes a day, and meeting with top doctors and specialists virtually, patients receive advanced, whole-person care.

PeerWell Health’s interdisciplinary shoulder program includes:

  • 10-weeks of guided, holistic treatment via the patient’s phone, tablet or computer 
  • A phased, graduated exercise program to match the patient’s progress and pain level
  • Outcome tracking surveys and tools, like Shoulder ROM (range of motion) tool and VAS pain scores
  • One-on-one telehealth doctor visits with specialists
  • Weekly physical therapy sessions
  • A dedicated Care Coordinator

Why PeerWell Health for Shoulder Pain?

Better for patients than traditional physical therapy alone.

  • It’s tailored— Patients specific needs are addressed by our customized program for their pain, condition, or surgery type.
  • It’s easy— Patients spend just 10-15 minutes daily to improve their pain, function, and mobility.
  • It’s complete—Program content and telehealth services cover the full spectrum of care with physical therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and behavioral health providers
  • It’s proven— PeerWell is an evidence-based recovery solution for musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, and orthopedic surgery (PreHab/ ReHab).

Offers a complete, whole-person treatment for patients

PeerWell’s Shoulder Pain Conservative Care program offers whole-person treatment, daily guidance, and virtual visits that cover all of the patient’s recovery needs. Each day, patients explore 2-5 different activities via the PeerWell app throughout their 10-week program.

Below are the Five Pillars of Health with examples of content covered in the Shoulder Pain Conservative Care program:

Health literacy:

  • Activities that help and hurt pain (relieving and aggravating factors)
  • Pacing activities, active coping strategies, and tips for staying active with shoulder pain
  • Mythbusting and answers to important FAQs about shoulder pain and the patient’s condition


  • Accessible, written research about nutrition and shoulder pain
  • Tips to incorporate nutrient-rich, healing ingredients proven to reduce musculoskeletal pain
  • Anti-inflammatory eating recipes

Physical therapy:

  • A custom exercise program for shoulder pain and condition
  • Phased, progressive routines to reduce pain and improve function
  • For PeerWell Health patients, daily digital program PT is supplemented with telehealth PT sessions.

Pain & wellness:

  • A pain neuroscience education (PNE) series
  • Opioid safety and using over-the-counter medications
  • Pain resilience training series

Life management:

  • Ways the patient can avoid shoulder strain at work and home
  • Education and routine structuring help 
  • Research-supported alternative treatments, like foam rolling, icing, and trigger point massage

PeerWell helps patients with many conditions and types of shoulder pain 

PeerWell’s New Conservative Care Shoulder Program covers several different types of shoulder pain, injury, or chronic conditions. As a comprehensive recovery program that is not one-size-fits-all, PeerWell addresses all factors proven to influence shoulder pain. 

Here are some of the shoulder conditions treated by PeerWell’s Conservative Care Shoulder Program:

  • Chronic or subacute shoulder pain that might worsen when reaching overhead or is accompanied by crepitus or creaking
  • A history of multiple dislocations
  • SLAP tear
  • Impingement
  • Bursitis
  • Bicep tendonitis
  • Anterior, lateral or global shoulder pain without loss of range of motion

Interested in PeerWell Health for your shoulder pain patients, employees, or injured workers?

Call 323-607-6240 for more information.

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