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Actually, it’s the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you’re dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you.” – Reid Hoffman

Eleven years ago, as a computer science undergrad at UC Berkeley, I made the decision to pursue entrepreneurship. Right away I knew that there is a wealth of knowledge in the community directly surrounding me that I needed to tap into. I created a LinkedIn account and went about finding the people I could learn from and help me take the first few crucial steps. After many emails and no responses, I received a message from someone that I was not expecting… it was from Mike Ryan saying he accepted my request to connect.

This was exciting for a few reasons. He had been an entrepreneur many times and has seen many “plays” run before. He also spent years in healthcare, a field I knew I wanted to understand. His experience and network was something I knew I could learn from. The fact that Mike was willing to spend time with me and show me the ropes was special.

The advice Mike provided to me in those first meetings was invaluable. He encouraged me to find others to work with, provided insight into various sectors, and opened his network to me. He also gave me the encouragement I needed to work with my first co-founder and start my first company.

Fast-forward to today, I’m thrilled to announce that Mike is joining PeerWell as Head of Strategic Partnerships on our journey to reshape healthcare. We believe in the power of community to change people’s lives and give them the boost they need to overcome their health challenges. The knowledge and experience for how to do that is all around us. Our goal is to tap into that resource for anyone who can use a bit more help.

This is what Mike did for me a decade ago when I was trying to find my way. Together we will open up the power of community in healthcare to help others take those first few steps.

Welcome Mike! You can find Mike on the interwebs here:

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